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Autor Wątek: Pragmatic therapy problems for a traumatized teen with ASD  (Przeczytany 198 razy)
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« : Padziernika 07, 2021, 08:55:13 »

So, I have to see a young teenage boy with autism in the school setting for pragmatic therapy. However, he is extremely aggressive, refuses to engage, repeatedly insists he doesn’t need this and doesn’t need friends, lashes out at group mates, and he holds all the power with his guardian. So, his guardian has requested more than once that he just not be pulled to meet his demands.

However, he has no friends and offends his peers and teachers regularly. It’s also been reported he struggles with figurative language on assignments. The catch here is that he has a history of an abusive parent who committed suicide a few years ago. So, trauma is playing a huge role here.

I’m really the only one in the school seeing him (cause it’s a charter and we don’t have a real counselor.) I told his guardian recently that they are going to need to sign a refusal of services form soon if they dont work with me to pull him for intervention and they agreed.

But I’m wondering, can I change his service to an indirect model? Like to collaboration with teachers? Even though he’s made no gains and definitely needs direct instruction in pragmatic language skills? It feels unethical to do that solely based on his emotional and behavior problems, which is why I feel a refusal from the guardian makes more sense. And I know push in would never go well with him, but putting him on collaboration feels like I’m basically giving in to his demands too.

I’m at a loss with this kid and I’m frustrated with the power he holds over his guardian cause they want him to get the intervention but they cant convince him to cooperate. Any recommendations?
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