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Autor Wątek: Question Regarding Therapy  (Przeczytany 868 razy)
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« : Listopada 17, 2021, 01:49:34 »

Hello All,
Please help. I have a six-year-old girl in therapy, who is diagnosed at the clinic. I know it is very late ..
A child is intellectually normal, the child has a phonemic hearing impairment, is reluctant to make spontaneous statements. It mainly expresses itself in single, undeveloped sentences. There are elisions, simplifications of consonant groups, substitutions in the child's speech. The child has a big problem with understanding spatial relations, the child substitutes prepositions. There are also inflectional errors and errors in the conjugation of verbs.
The problem is that I am a speech therapist at school and the child comes to my class for 15 minutes a week. I know that my mother wants to look for additional speech therapy classes.
I wonder how to help the girl and what recommendations for bazoocam chatroulette work to give to her mother.
We focus on exercises that stimulate the left hemisphere of the brain. I wanted to recommend my mother to buy a hearing omegle program. I wonder what album to start with ..? Do you recommend the purchase of all CDs? the focus at the beginning of the disc prepositions,, "..?
I wonder also that the mother worked at home on notebooks ,, I'm learning to say", so that the child perpetuating correct grammatical rules. Which notebook should I start with?
Best regards and thank you for your reply.
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